Resources for Members

Advocate for Health

Resources to help Members |with their well-being.

This information is available to Providers to assist IEHP Members who may need additional tools or support to achieve optimal health.


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Access the Baby-n-Me prenatal app that provides expectant mothers with clinically approved information and exclusive content.

Health and Wellness

Access health and wellness information that helps Members learn how to manage their health and make healthy lifestyle changes.

Services for Teen Patients

Explore resources for teenage Members that may need additional support such as counseling for abuse or domestic violence trauma.

Tobacco Cessation Services

Stay informed with the latest resources to help Members that may need tobacco cessation services and information.

POLST Registry

Learn more about the California Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment Registry (POLST), an initiative that ensures a Member’s desired treatment at end of life is being honored.

Looking for more information?

Explore additional resources that can help with healthcare outcomes.