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Smoking Cessation Resources - Help your patients quit Tobacco

The CDC's Brief Tobacco Intervention


  • In a caring manner,
  • at each visit,
  • if your patients use tobacco
    • If they do not, congratulate them
    • If they do, proceed to next step


  • Patients who use tobacco to consider quitting.
  • Tobacco products can lead to health problems such as...
    •  Heart and Lung Disease
    • Diabetes
    • Stroke
    • Ongoing infections and colds
    • Cancer
  • People exposed to secondhand smoke can also experience these health problems


  • If the patient is interested in quitting, connect them to KICK IT CA and any other local resource (below)
  • Prescribe medications (if appropriate)
  • Congratulate your patient on the decision to quit
  • If patient is not ready to quit, user personalized motivational messages to encourage quitting. Let them know you are here when they are ready.

  • How it works: 
    Patient will receive services from a Coach that has undergone rigorous training & apprenticeships, participates in weekly monitoring and case reviews, and attend continuing education courses on cultural competency. To enroll, patients can call, chat, or complete an online web form. The patient will then receive a Kick-Off call to collect their basic information and find out what they are trying to quit. Right after kick-off, coaching begins. The patient will receive clinically sound motivational interviewing. The coach will help patient put together a quit plan and set a quit date. The patient will then receive check-ins at times they are most susceptible to relapse. The coach will see if their quit-plan is working and help them modify as needed.
  • Phone Number: 
    English - 1 (800) 300-8086
    Spanish - 1 (800) 600-8191


  • Text: 
    For English: Text "Quit Smoking" or "Quit Vaping" to 66819
    For Spanish: Mande "Dejar de Fumar" o "No Vapear" to 66819

Tobacco Free San Bernardino County:
Tobacco Free Riverside County:

Tobacco Cessation Services

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Tobacco Cessation CPT Codes for Identification

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