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Resources to help|with your day-to-day.

We offer dedicated resources to Providers. This information can help you manage daily tasks by offering guidance with forms, regulatory training, and compliance, so you can focus on Member care.



Access claims information for Providers.


Stay informed on the latest standards of care, contractual obligations, and regulatory requirements.

Frequently used


Explore our extensive library of Provider forms and documents.

Timely Access to Care Standards

Learn more about requirements for providing timely access to care and after-hours services.

Utilization Management Clinical Criteria

Learn more about the acceptance criteria for medically necessary decisions.

More Resources

Clinical Practice Guidelines

Access resource guides to help Providers deliver care for a variety of conditions.

Dyadic Care Services

Learn more about preventive behavioral health services for kids, young adults and their caregivers.

Data Exchange Framework

Find out more about the California Data Exchange Framework (DxF) and our Data Sharing Agreement.

ICF/DD and Subacute Care Facilities Benefit

Get additional information and forms specifically for our ICF/DD Provider partners.

Independent Living and Diversity Resources

Learn more about the America Disabilities Act (ADA) and how your office or facility can stay accessible to all.

Medi-Cal Renewal Process

Learn how to help Members keep their Medi-Cal coverage. 

Physician Wellness

Explore educational resources that can help you maintain your well-being.


Access resources that pertain to the Alcohol and Drug Screening, Assessment, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment tools used in primary care settings.

Site Review Resources

Find more information on the required facility standards.

Vaccine Resources

Learn more about vaccines and vaccination centers in the region.

Educational Opportunities

A listing of various educational opporutnities and resources for Providers to access throughout the year.

Looking for more information?

Explore additional resources and materials for other types of Providers.