Medi-Cal Renewal Process

Help Members Keep their Medi-Cal Coverage

The Annual Eligibility Redetermination (AER), also known as the Medi-Cal Renewal process, is currently underway across our state. This initiative is the biggest challenge facing the Medi-Cal program in its history.


Up to 400,000 IEHP Members could potentially lose their Medi-Cal coverage if they don't complete the necessary renewal paperwork on time.


The impact on Providers across the entire healthcare system will be significant, potentially resulting in:

  • Increased use of the emergency department for primary care
  • Decreased capacity of bed availability
    • Delays in hospital discharges while awaiting coverage
    • Increased length of stay for patients with delayed preventative or chronic care
  • Increased cost of care
  • Interruptions of ongoing care

However, with every challenge comes opportunities to help our collective health care mission and partnership grow even stronger.

IEHP takes this challenge seriously and we are committed to helping Members keep their Medi-Cal coverage and Providers keep their assigned Members without interruption.

Resources to Help with the Medi-Cal Renewal Process

The following resources for Providers offer more information about the Medi-Cal Renewal process and tools to help your office proactively engage and encourage Members to renew their Medi-Cal coverage on time.


Medi-Cal Renewal Flyers and Provider Information

IEHP Eligibility Renewal Support Team

IEHP’s Eligibility Renewal Support team is here to answer calls from Members needing more one-on-one support during the Medical-Renewal process!


Please let your patients and our Members know that additional application support is just a phone call away.

We support:

  • Application print outs
  • Assistance in connecting with the appropriate county department
  • Serving as a centralized eligibility hub for all eligibility-related issues (on hold, disenrolled, out of area, etc.)
  • Helping Members update contact information (national change of address, undeliverable address, etc.)
  • Online submissions via


IEHP Eligibility Renewal Support Team Hotline

  • Phone and Hours of Operation: 1-888-860-1296, Monday-Friday, 8 am - 5 pm (PST)

Additional Communication from IEHP

IEHP’s Medi-Cal Renewal specific Provider Communication is provided here for your convenience.  

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or later to view the PDF files. You can download a free copy by clicking here.